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Description of hWard:

hWard is a friendly and easy-to-use program that gives you full control over HTML, JavaScript and CSS code of your Web site, helps protect your copyright and trade secrets. With hWard you can easily hide the source code of the Web pages and disable a number of unwanted browser features such as the right mouse button operations, text selection, printing the page, copying its content to clipboard and so on. You can also protect your Web site from being indexed by search engine spiders, caching, displaying in a frame on another Web site and offline viewing. You page can also have a ¡°fixed¡± URL, so that when someone copies it and places on a different address, all visitors will be redirected to the URL you specify. The program features clear wizard-style interface, but also has a full range of command line options enabling you to automate recurring tasks (e.g. run hWard from a batch file to protect modified files before uploading them to the server), call hWard from other applications and more. hWard is a member of the Raysion family of security and content management tools that also includes code optimization utility hTune, Web pages encryption tool hCrypt and multifunctional software Advanced HTMLCoder.

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