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Lets you take your Digital Photos and quickly transform them into dazzling and powerful presentations to share with your friends and family over the web.If you're looking for a simple method to share some of the thousands of digital photos you've taken with you digital camera then look no further than HTML SlideShow CreatorThis application reeks of simplicity and practicality.It will let you rip out presentations in a fraction of the time for you websiteWhat is HTML SlideShow Creator?HTML SlideShow Creator is very simple.It provides an incredibly easy to use authoring tool to quickly create interactive web slideshows using pictures from you digital camera.You can effortlessly add text, transitions to your presentations.It makes your slide presentation interesting and professional looking.Once you've assembled your presentation, HTML SlideShow Creator converts it into an HTML Web page allowing for easy delivery to the web. Using HTML SlideShow CreatorTo use HTML SlideShow Creator, you simple select the folder your pictures are in and begin creating your presentations,HTML SlideShow Creator will automatically find all the pictures from your digital camera that are in the folder and present them to you to add to the presentation.Text can be added on a slide by slide basis.Assemble this data together on the HTML SlideShow Creator interface and then the slide show is ready for you to publish to the web!

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