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Statistic Software and Access Counter/Statistiksoftware und Besucherz?hler-CGI Windows WebServer




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Description of CGIMachine - POWERSTAT 2 (unlimited):

[english]PowerStat 2 is a Statistic Software and Access Counter in one product for the use with Windows NT Web Servers. PowerStat 2 saves detailed information of your Web Page Visitors and is able to present these information and resulting values in any way you want. The software saves information about ¡¤ number of visitors today ¡¤ number of visitors in the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 365 days ¡¤ average visitors of the last 7, 30 and 365 days ¡¤ top number of visitors in the last 30 and 365 days, including the date ¡¤ the last 500 visitors with date/time, country, browser, remote host, remote address and referer link ¡¤ the referer links (this means the page from which the visitor reached your page, e.g. which search engine) ¡¤ per cent list of the countries ¡¤ per cent list of the used browsers ¡¤ per cent list of the used remote domains ¡¤ per cent list of the used remote addresses The stored data can be shown graphically as charts where you can choose the number of days and the accuracy (days and hours). The software has a reload lock of 30 minutes, so each visitor is counted once. PowerStat 2 is able to manage an unlimited number of statistics on one server, so you can control the hits of any web page of your internet presentation. A ranking function of the daily number of visitors gives you a survey about the usage of your web pages. The security system of PowerStat 2 offers you the possibility to give third persons access to your statistics (e.g. your customers).The collection of the necessary data is realized by displaying a GIF graphic on the controlled web page. graphic seccary. This graphic can be an integrated Powerstat 2 Logo, an intgrated black dot, an integrated white dot, an access counter graphic of the hits today or of the total hits or any other graphic in bitmap format stored on your server. The access counter function offers 5 different stylings for the counter digit. For every statistic you can choose another graphic that should be displayed on the web page. PowerStat 2 can be administraded directly with your browser software. The included password protection gives only authorized persons access to the administration area. In the easy to use administration area you can create statistics, delete statistics, view statistics, use the ranking function, view the status, change the passwords and view the necessary HTML- or Java Script Code. All functions of PowerStat 2 can also be used by hand over parameters to the application. The statistic can be viewed with or without access (special view passwords for your customers can be defined) to the administration area. The design of the statistics can be changed to your wishes and language very easily. There are 5 designs already included in german and english language. [deutsch]siehe

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