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Keep Breakpoint and Bokkmark locations for VB projects




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Description of WorkBench for VB:

WorkBench for VB performs one task well: keeping the bookmarks and breakpoints created on a project. How many times have you created a complex arrangement of bookmarks and breakpoints, only to loose it the moment you exits the VB IDE or switch projects.

WorkBench keeps every change you make to those points in your project, so even if the IDE crashes, the points are restored once you re-load the project.

Added bonus feature: Keyboard shortcuts for Bookmark operations. Ctrl+F11 will toggle a bookmark status on the current line. Ctrl+Shift+F11 will delete all bookmarks from the project. Ctrl+Shift+N and Ctrl+Shift+P will step to the next or previous bookmarks.

This license is intended for use on one computer.

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