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Description of Xtreme-Protector (Developer Basic license):

What is Xtreme-Protector? Xtreme-Protector is a software protector compatible with all the Windows platforms that uses a new technology in software protections.
The main objective in Xtreme-Protector is to stop completely any possible way to crack a program. To do that, we have gone a step further in what software protectors have done so far, starting a new path in software protection against piracy.
Xtreme-Protector has some powerful engines that can relocate, assemble and link its own code and the target file code in runtime without the necessity of external programs (working in the lowest level of operation, instructions opcode level)

Xtreme-Protector is ideal for the following situations:
1) Avoid the modification of your program code
2) Avoid that important routines and algorithms in your program can be studied
3) Create evaluation and trial versions of your program
4) Detect if your program has been infected by any kind of virus
5) Avoid that non-registered users can execute your program
6) Avoid that your program can be monitored by any kind of cracker's tools

Who should use Xtreme-Protector?
Xtreme-Protector should be used by programmers or companies that want to protect their software against reverse engineering or cracking in Windows platforms with the latest technology in software protections.

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