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Xetrion Lock Manager is the first standard solution for reliable locking of documents in Lotus Notes/Domino databases




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Description of Xetrion Lock Manager - Database License:

When two or more users or agents edit the same document in a Lotus Domino database on a server at the same time a save conflict occurs, i.e. Lotus Domino stores two copies of that document in the database. Besides the fact that resolving save conflicts manually is a time consuming action for administrators and database owners, save conflicts can be critical in someDomino databases which rely on consistent data.

Lotus Domino/Notes does not have the native ability to lock documents to prevent such save conflicts and data inconsistency.

Xetrion Lock Manager is the first standard solution for reliable locking of documents in Lotus Domino databases for edit mode actions. It securely prevents that more than one user (using a Notes or Web client) or server agent can change a document at the same time.

Xetrion Lock Manager
supports document locking in Lotus Domino applications for both Notes (4.5, 4.6 and 5.0) and Web clients (Internet Explorer 5 and higher). ; is fast and safe for mass processing, especially in server agents. ; does not influence the native behavior or data of your Domino databases except for adding locking functionality. ; is completely implemented with Domino standard design elements and does not require any extra installation. It becomes a part of your database design and thus can be easily deployed to end users. ; can be implemented very easy in every Domino database, even existing.
Other features:
provides a list of all documents which are currently locked by users or agents ; allows locking of entire database against changes for administrative purposes ; does not modify any of your documents in your databases ; does not generate amounts of extra documents in your database (only 3 documents) ; all end user texts configurable, supports multiple language applications ; automatic unlock of documents if maximum lock time is reached

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