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TsiLang component will help you to translate your Delphi and C++ Builder projects in one-two minutes. TsiLang can: Translate All string properties of components. Translate system locales. Translate all properties of TStrings type (TMemo.Lines, TComboBox.Items and etc.). Translate standard dialogs (MessageDlg, ShowMessage, InputBox and etc.) - so with TsiLang you won't recompile your library for each new project (you can see the examples of translated dialogs). Translate DisplayLabel properties for TField components. Translate Font property for components. Store user defined strings and translate them. Translate ActiveX form and all components on it. Build multilanguage web pages with Internet components. Build multilanguage reports. Translate all third-party components. TsiLang works good and fast both in design-time and run-time, since you don't have to execute your program for testing multilanguage interface. TsiLang allows you to store all translating strings in external file. In this way you can add ability for your customer to change your translation and even to build his own translation without recompile your project. You can distribute your multilanguage constants in external file and TsiLang will use this file for translating your application. The delivery of TsiLang contains the TsiLang Expert, that helps you to manage of your project translating process. This Add-In expert can scan your source files, collect the string constants, add them to TsiLang.Strings property and replace in your source reference to this strings by concerning method of TsiLang for retrieving multilanguage value instead of strong defined one.

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