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TransPlace File Distribution Utility




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Description of TransPlace Distribution Utility:

TransPlace is a file distribution tool with a lot of options:* Remote selection of the destination directory* Password protection* Ultra Secure Double Encryption* Expiration by Date* Ultra powerful Compression* Can produce EXE's for different target platforms: * 32 bit GUI interface * 32 bit CONSOLE interface * 32 bit DOS interface* Split large files to HD floppy disks* Automatic Internet Update options* Custom Dialogboxes and Messages* Drag & Drop technology* Password protection for TransPlace settings* E-mail TRF-files with one buttonclick...* New TRFVIEWER included in install-file* Internal Viewers/Editors for TXT/RTF files* Lock to Viewer protection (send and receive files secure without passwords)* Archive Builder to make backups from files, directory's and disks

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