OKScript - 16 bit

Instant scripting with compact rollup button and menu panels. 16 bit.


4.0 - 16 bit


$16 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of OKScript - 16 bit:

OKScript provides a simple, fast and flexible way to automate repetitive tasks. Basic scripts that send keystrokes to a Windows (3.1 or later) application can be written in seconds (often requiring only one line of easy to write code) with the built-in multi-file script editor. Once written, these keystrokes are issued by clicking a button or menu item in a compact panel (with optional rollup) that OKScript produces from the script, or by one of OKScript's advanced activation methods. OKScript also provides facilities for script macros, iteration, condition testing, procedures, integer formulas, clipboard access, password encoding, file and directory management, program launch, user interaction and event scheduling. Originally designed and widely used to ease the typing burden for online bridge play (see www.okbridge.com), OKScript has evolved into a broadly applicable general purpose integrated scripting tool.

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