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Professional Software Debugger, Security Verify System. Hickwall Is Professional Software Debug Tool, it make you control all programe easy. f




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What is Hickwall? It is a professional software debugger ,security verifying program. A:Professional software debugger: Hickwall is a kind of professional software debugger ,if you have it,you can make it easy to control the inner part of the application. So we think you will be excited for its eximious function.Now let's see its functions. 1:Debugging object is unlimited Hickwall can debug almost programs,including the Debug Version and the Release Version, also including the Service process. 2:Fit for any OS Hickwall can run in any OS,including Windows9x,Windows2000,WindowsNT, WindowsXP. 3:Support remote debug Hickwall adopt the tecnology of Unite-Separate,supporting remote debug.It can debug program which run in another computer on network.So it make the debug easy which need remote and full screen. 4:Support multiprocess and multithread Hickwall make a special design to satisfy multiprocess.It can do interactive debug with a lot of target process at the same time; have the funtion to fit multithread for each process,so it can do interactive with multithread at the same time. 5: Allsidedness and integrality Hickwall's primary function is to debug application's I/O,involving opening and saving a file,socket and operating register.All target process of these three sides can be debugged by Hickwall. Especially, not only it control the target process's action ,but also modify this action.For example,a client program send the information "hello world",after debugging,you will receive the information "come on baby" on the server which is connected with it. B:Security verifying program A special design is to verify security of an unknown program, this is a powerful filter if you often download something from Internet. Use it ,you can change vicious operation or make the operation fail, details are on relate section in this document. We must point out that the Hickwall ia not a virous killer,kinds of virous killer and Troy program have its own destroy way, so we also don't promise we can defence all these programs as other providers.

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