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Description of FtpVC:

FtpVC (FTP Version Control) is a very simple version control system whichallows joined software development using Internet FTP connections. Thisprogram permits developers to get, check out, check in, and undo check outfiles on a remote server, that are part of a software project. It also allows to compare files on the server to their local versions showing results in a two-pane window.In other words, FtpVC may be used for versioncontrol of source files, the makefile, or any other data. The simplicity of this program, in its current form, lies in the fact that it lacks some advanced features that are common to modern version control systems: branching, merging, etc. Also, currently FtpVC optionally stores previous versions of files instead of (more common for version control systems) reverse deltas. On the other hand, it provides something that other version control systems do not. FtpVC has all of the basic features which are necessary for any collaborative development over the internet. Thus, users from all over the world can now jointly and safely work on the same project without the possibility of conflict.

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