EZTwain Pro

32-bit DLL that radically simplifies using TWAIN to acquire images.




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Description of EZTwain Pro:

EZTwain Pro 3 is the third generation of the respected EZTwain library, which provides a programmer-friendly wrapper for TWAIN. TWAIN is the industry-standard protocol for controlling scanners (and other image-input devices.) With EZTwain, from almost any programming language, you can scan with one function call, and get an image in memory, on the clipboard, or in a BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF or TIFF file. Multi-page scanning is easy, and hiding the device's Scan dialog is only a bit harder. Includes extensive User Guide.PDF, sample code, C/C++, VB, VFP and Delphi header files, but can be called from almost any language. The download runs for 21 days - for 49$US you receive a single-computer unlock code. Other licenses are available for reasonable one-time fees.

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