Diadem-D Distributed Applications Debug Monitor

Diadem-D is a set of special tool to debug distributed applications developped with Delphi.




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Description of Diadem-D Distributed Applications Debug Monitor:

Diadem-D is a set of tools:a client (DiademC) that can be executed on multiple PC'scollecting and displaying messages of applications developped with Delphi.; a server (DiademS), connected via LAN with the clients,collects the messages of all clients and displays them time sorted in it'swindow.; a remote viewer (DiademRV), connected via dial-in connectionor LAN with the server, displays all messges displayed by the server. Withthe remote viewer e.g. a customers plant can be monitored from far awaywhile making the factory acceptance test.One intention when developping Diadem-D was to make theprogramming of error messages as simple as possible. This target was fullyachieved:Just include the interface to Diadem-D (DiademIF.pas)in the Uses-statement of the unit  and; put a WriteLn - statement where ever you need it. Thisassures that you can use all the formatting features of the WriteLn procedure.Additionally you can classify your error messages. Everyerror class can be separately switched on and off. This guarantees thatyou don't need to enclose the WriteLn - statement with {$IFDEF/$ENDIF}directives. The unwanted error messages are simply switched off. Everyerror class uses a separate output channel in Diadem-D.
A few of the other features:32000 messages can simultaneously in the message windows; Print selected messages; Copy selected messages to clipboard; Save all messages into a file; Optionally add error class, date and time to each message; Clients can be started automativally by the testees; Server and viewer display the name of the PC submittingthe message; If the server is started after clients, all existing messagesdisplayed by all clients are automatically transfered from the clientsand displayed by the server
If the viewer is started after the server, all existingmessages displayed by the server are automatically transfered from theserver and displayed by the viewer

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