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Description of CHANT:

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Viewer for chess game trees generated with any chess program. Includes source code to interface with 3rd party chess program to output the game tree to a file.

Features: ; Multiple game trees can be viewed at the same time, thus the user can compare for example the tree generated at ply 10 with the tree generated at ply 11 ; Small memory footprint : the viewer uses under 10 MB of memory when viewing a tree (1-2 MB are added for each new game tree window opened) and a constant amount of memory (around 64 MB) when generating index files (and that only occurs first time a tree file is opened) ; Modular architecture : the user can write plugins that are used by the viewer to customize the output ; Variable size for a tree node : the tree files can contain a variable sized (<=128 bytes) amount of user data ; Unlimited number of nodes in the search trees (limited only by the size of free disk space) ; High Speed : the viewer uses index files to speed up access to the trees ; Chessboard inside the viewer to show current node position ; Source code included for the library to write the chess tree file and for writing plugins ; Easy game tree navigation

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