WinpkFilter Developer Edition

WinpkFilter is a high performance packet filtering framework for Windows.




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Description of WinpkFilter Developer Edition:

WinpkFilter is a high performance packet filtering framework for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP that allows developers to transparently filter (view and modify) raw network packets with minimal impact on network activity without having to write low level TDI or NDIS driver code.WinpkFilter is more than just a firewall development kit for Windows. Wide range of solutions can be implemented using WinpkFilter: custom firewalls, internet connection sharing (NAT), IP shaper, VPN and many other low-level network solutions completely in user-mode using your favorite development environment: Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder etc.Using WinpkFilter requires no experience in kernel mode programming on your behalf since WinpkFilter provides you with powerful user level API. However, if you need to implement your solution (to achieve better performance) in kernel mode you can use well-documented raw IOCTL interface as well.

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