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Source code of OfficeXP(Office97)-Style menu classesfor Visual Objects 2.5/2.6




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Description of SEMenuXP Classes:

You get the full source code and you can integrate it in all your apps without extra licence fees.

Here the technical highlights:
Easy integration in your application by simply adding two libs in VO's library manager and some minor code changes. ; Support VO's Menu Editor, all designed toolbar bitmaps are shown automatically. ; Support of your own toolbar ribbon bitmap. ; Easy support of handcoded menus. ; Changing of menu size or font sizes are full supported. ; Full support of popupmenus. ; Written in pure VO, no external DLL's ; Fast and compact code design. ; It,s designed for VO 2.5/2.6 ; It works with Win95/98/ME and WinNT/2000/XP
If you like more the older office97 style menus, no problem this class is added too. Simply change the libraray - no code changes.

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