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Resizer ActiveX Control - Source Code




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Add intelligent resizing and layout management to Visual Basic forms. The ExResizer allows you to resize controls in a form proportionally or maintain the components' anchored sizes and positions. ExReSize alters the sizes and positions of controls on Visual Basic forms as they are sized, without requiring you to write any code! Simply drop the control onto the form, and you instantly have the ability to resize any control proportionally, by selecting the Anchor property. The way how a control can be anchored to one of more container edges is more than intuitive.?Features include: - finds all controls on your form - handles every type of component: lines, shapes, controls, ActiveX - each control can anchor to the left, top, right and bottom of its container - handles Tabs (like SSTab control), as well as any other container - resizing controls work on runtime as well in design time. - no code required to anchor the control to one or more container edges - minimum and maximum form size. - no design limitations. - its easy to implement resize capabilities to your already built forms. - ATL based, minimal dependencies, fast execution, no MFC required!

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