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Description of Palmreading 2003:

Palmreading 2003

After humans were able to stand erect, the most important physical organ became the hand. The hand is considered to be the mirror to a person's past, present and future. If this is so, since when did humans start to determine fate by the lines on the palms of the hands?
The history of Palmer lines originates from India and moved on to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece, taking it's own shape in each country.
According to the book "Physiognomy & Palmistry" written by Pythagoras who was a great philosopher and mathematician in ancient Greek times, Western Palmistry has a 2500 year history which could be traced back to the years between 582 BC and 497 BC.
The 3000 year history of Oriental Palmistry started a bit earlier, and dates back to times between 1000 BC and 1500 BC.
It is recorded that Aristotle as well as the Roman Emperor Augustus studied Palmer lines and Caesar was also a known expert in Palmer lines. Judging from this, Western Palmistry had great influence on the ancient culture.
During the 19C, studies on Palmer lines became active and the ground for modern Palmer line study was established through the uses of statistics and demonstrations.
Studies on Palmer lines in America and England made special noteworthy developments during the 20C. C. Wolff of England wrote a thesis on "The Psychology of human, hand and actions." which made sensations. "Studying Palmer lines is a science. Just as hand and face, it reveals the motion of our mind." were the lines made famous by the American, Ben Ham.
Early in the Orient, a Chinese philosopher named Mai wrote on Physiognomy and Palmer lines and his book which is referred as the textbook by young scholars even today.
As is said in sayings such as, "The reason Man is the lord of creation is due to his superior hands." and "Man became wise, solely by holding on to the hands.", the hands are human's functional source of life and the core of vitality. Hence, the interest and study of hands must continue.

Lines supported: Life Line, Heart Line, Head Line, Destiny Line, Sun Line and Marriage Line
Scanner: Palm images can be imported via Twain (Scanner, Camera or any other twain device)
Images: Palm images can also be imported from your local harddisk (bmp, jpg or gif)
Analysis Printout: Up to 2 Pages (A4) with Text and Graphics (in color)
Analysis Preview: Yes, in integrated Web browser as WYSIWYG
Counter: Yes, separate for created and printed analysis
Analysis Languages: English
Additional Language packages: German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, more will follow...
Language Packages can be installed and remove on the settings screen
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


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