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Description of CPlayer 0.99 Source Code:

CPlayer is four-channel MP3 player. All channels can be played simultaneously.
With small source code change (and more powerfull computer), this player can be easily transform to eight-chanell MP3 player if neccessery.

Player can be managed by manual operation:
- select song
- prepare for available channel
- play
- adjust volume
or by using automated one-touch command button to Start/Stop which assures continuosly true random songs play.

It has built in true random generator which must play all songs before repeating first.
Also, it has graphical cross-fade setup (from 0 - 10 seconds) to allow smoothly songs change.
Each of four channels can be adjusted to play on another device (e.g. multiple sound cards, etc.).

This application is writtten in Visual Basic 6.0 and uses standard Visual Basic components (no extra OCX).


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