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Run as many applications and/or documents as you like, control them and get notified about their idle or terminate state.




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TRunner v1.04
With TRunner you can execute and close any program or document (through it's Windows association - e.g. executing sample.doc will start Word and open sample.doc). Closing is possible in two ways: by asking the application to close (use Runner.Close method) or by terminating it (use Runner.Terminate method). TRunner also provides methods and properties to:get the handle of the window that was executed (e.g. if you start sample.doc, you'll get the Word's window handle) ; get the execution times - kernel time, user time, application start and end times (100 nanosecond precision) ; notify your program when application is ready for input (when it's idle) ; notify your program when application is finished running. Both of these notifications are done through the use of threads, so you can start the application and forget about it. ; set the application startup information - window position and size, minimized, maximized or normal, activate or not etc. ; set the application's priority (how much processor time it gets) ; set the environment strings to send to the application
All registered developers receive full source code. One year of upgrades is free of charge. Demo with source and help file included in trial.

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