BeeBasic interpreter toolkit

With BeeBasic you can add object-oriented basic script to your application. Manipulate your application's objects and call your application's function




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Description of BeeBasic interpreter toolkit:

BeeBasic is a library of C++ classes that add object-oriented basic script support to your application. With BeeBasic you can call your application's functions and manipulate your application's objects from script.The main idea when creating BeeBasic was to minimize code lines needed to add it to your application. Your responsibility is only to implement extension functions and objects. It's engine's job to call your functions, to check syntax and to report errors.BeeBasic is a quazi-compiler. It ensures fast execution and complete error-reports at parse-time.BeeBasic can be run in step mode with variables contents indicated. Source of editor window with this feature implemented is available. All the source is available!Source of an editor window included. It contains syntax-coloring view, error output window and variable watch window.User guide is available. You can use it as a part of your help system.Programmer's guide explains steps you have to follow to add BeeBasic to your application. Samples are included.

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