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Description of VB-Build:

VB-Build is a productivity tool for building component-based applications written in Visual Basic. Add all your project files to VB-Build and the program will determine the compile order, update the references and compile your application. VB-Build automatically updates references in dependent projects during the build, which eliminates the otherwise so common problem with missing references in your VBP files. In addition to enabling easy editing of the references and properties of your VBP files, the program allows you to set common properties to multiple VBP files in one go. VB-Build comes with SourceSafe and MTS integration which enables you to automatically take the latest version of your source code before a build and optionally create and deploy your components in MTS packages after the build is finished. To fully customise your build process you can configure VB-Script to be executed as part of your build. Other features include: generation of DLL base addresses, command line interface, context sensitive help and much more.

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