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The current trend in the application and web development industry is switching from compiled languages like C/C++ and Delphi to scripting languages like Perl, Javascript or VBScript. One of the main disadvantages of these languages for developers of commercial applications is great ease for studying, analysing and reuse of source code texts of the applications written in these programming languages by customers and competitors. For custom solutions the risk of loosing control over intellectual property is even much higher since it's much difficult to track violations of intellectual property in them due to the highly targeted or even exclusive distribution of such solutions or products - so in such cases violations of intellectual property can be in form of reuse of original source code even with arbitrary level of adaptation!
Stunnix Perl-obfus is the unique solution for this problem for code written in Perl programming language - it's the obfuscator for the Perl source code. It converts the perl source files (.pl and .pm) into highly mangled and obfuscated form, making it extermely difficult to study, analyse, reuse and re-work for competitors or customers, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code.It's not a compiler to machine code - the obufscated form will still be the usual perl source code, thus it will work on all platforms the original source worked on.
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