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eUpdator easily adds version checking and updating to your applications.




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Description of eUpdator Client Professional Package:

The eUpdator Client provides your application with automatic version checking and updating through internet or intranet connections. The eUpdator System is very easy to include in your applications and it is fully multi-threaded, meaning that all tasks are executed without interrupting your applications. eUpdator may download updates while the users continues using your application. Clients are available both as a VCL component for Borland Delphi developers and as a DLL with API for C/C++.

Key benefits of the eUpdator system:
* Free to use in commercial and non-commercial applications
* VCL client is self-contained, no external files, libraries or DLLs are required
* DLL client provides support all development languages
* HTTP and FTP support for internet solutions
* Can automatically read version information from resource
* Fully multi-threaded background operations without user interruptions
* eUpdator Application, providing visual overview of all applications, automatically installs from internet
* Supporting English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish language

Professional and Developer Packages also includes:
* eUpdatorPro Sample application for Delphi
* eUpdator Infofile Wizard for creating information files.

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