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The best of all worlds, HTML 4 with XHTML compliance, full CSS2 support and true Object Oriented JavaScript Development.With Wizards, a JavaScript L




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Description of WebScripter Standard Edition CD:

WebScripter 4.0 Standard Edition is the newest release of the web development software from Code Generation. This release introduces new JavaScript component technology. This edition comes with a standard set of JavaScript components used by the wizards that include all the effects you have seen at professional web sites. WebScripter also supports HTML 4 in a format that is XHTML 1 compliant. There is full support for CSS2 and the interface is intuitive enough for even a beginner to produce professional looking web pages in a short time. This package includes image previewing, its own preview browser and a stand-alone FTP client for uploading and managing your files and directories on the server. Full context sensitive help with reference material supporting HTML, Style and JavaScript/JScript.

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