Search Engine Builder Standard

Create a search engine for your website or for local text-mode files.




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Description of Search Engine Builder Standard:

What is Cool Search Maker?
Do you have a website? Do you want to create a search engine for your website or for your downloaded web pages, note-taking, etc.?

Cool Search Maker is a excellent tool to help you create your own search engine, for Internet website or for local web files and text files.

Stop wasting time making search engine by yourself, since you have Cool Search Maker as your helper. What you need to do is just clicking several buttons... 

Index Folder,Index Website for search, you can create a search engine for Internet websites and  local files. ; Can Index any type of text file such as html,asp,php,txt,rtf,etc.  ; Page template you can design your own template to generate cool search and search result pages.

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