Create table of contents (TOC) of HTML files from header tags.- Link TOC items to header tags.- Single or multiple files.- User sets range of he




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Advanced HTML TOC creates table of contents (TOC) of HTML files from header tags. It does:- Can process single or multiple files.- Automatically uses existing named anchors inside header tags or creates new ones if none.- Automatically links TOC items to header tags.- User sets a range of header tags being used in TOC. This can be used to create TOCs of various depths from the same files.- Can process page titles, which is useful for multiple file processing. Titles have precedence over H1 tag.- Completely re-entrant. If you change the file after you have generated TOC, when you again supply it to the program, the program doesn't create redundant named anchors and doesn't duplicate TOC.- Can put numbering (like 1.20.4) both into TOC items and header tags. If multiple files are processed then numbering is kept in order throughout all files.- TOC appearance is based on a template. User can create a new template or edit existing one. Program is shipped with some predefined templates. You have total control over TOC style.- User specifies a place where to insert TOC. If the place is not specified, program selects a place automatically.

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