WebPrinter Server

Print Server deployable by JavaWebStart(tm) from a web page, enable your web appliation to send customized print jobs to client's hosts running WebPri




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Platform independent

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Description of WebPrinter Server:

WebPrinter is a specialized print server, deployable with JavaWebStart(tm) from your web page or as standard application, that enable your web application to send specialized print job to client's host without the browser intervention.
Suitable for pure text print job on line or matrix printers, codebar or label printers and commons formats like PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, PS PostScript and HP-PCL5 without any other software or plug-in intervention.
Print Jobs originated from web applications or WebPrinter's client GUI are dispatched to the client's host over a compressed stream with integrity check, with a minimalist protocol to reduce network traffic requering very low wide band. This make WebPrinter server ideal for WANs, Internet and low speed links.
This product is complemented with "WebPrinter's Client GUI" , a GUI aplicacion for print job submiting, and with a servlet "WebPrinter Spooler Servlet" that simplify the process of print job dispatching from multiple sources or web applications to any number of WebPrinter's server running at client's host.
There are available too an Java API to include the "WebPrint Client" funtionality in your own application.

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