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VisualSoft FlexiReports TM is a Javabased reporting tool for retrieving data using multiple data sources.




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Description of VisualSoft FlexiReports:

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What is VisualSoft FlexiReports?

VisualSoft FlexiReports is a Javabased reporting tool for retrieving data using multiple data sources. It helps to present information rich and customized reports. The intuitive and predefined templates in the Report wizard assist you in creating, designing, viewing, and distributing your report in multiple formats.

Reports have become an indispensable tool for communication and presentation for organizations across the globe. Well-designed and effective reports aid in better analysis and quicker decision-making. Use this customizable report generator to make your routine job simple, quick and interesting.

Create intelligent reports on the fly, sing the multi-featured options of VisualSoft FlexiReports. You can save valuable time and money by eliminating the need for paper reports by viewing the content before it is printed and distributed.

With a host of powerful features such as support for financial functions, powerful query builder,

Integration of subreports, report parameters, images and charts, VisualSoft FlexiReports comes both as a desktop application and an API.

What?s new?
SubReports ? Integrate SubReports into the main report for better analysis of complex reports; Report Parameters- Use Report Parameters to dynamically filter records; Support for Scripting in Expression editor ; Support for SQL Query and JAVAOBJECT data sources ; Dynamic image creation ; 25 new styles for Tabular and 10 new styles for Crosstab reports ; Code generation in IDEs ; Support for Financial functions in Expression editor
Key Features
Industry standard templates such as
Chart, Columnar, Crosstab, FormLetter, MailLabel, Standard and Tabular
Data export into HTML and CSV ; MDI functionality ; Property Editor for controls ; Report level security ; Auto Saving ; Mailing reports in different formats ; Support for charts and images ; Support for multiple datasources such as JDBC, Text and XML; Support for setting user defined Environment options as defaults; Smart linking between tables ; Undo-Redo for controls
A close look at FlexiReports 

1. Creating a report from scratch - total control

Creating a report is as simple as drag and drop of controls. A rich set of environment options that helps you set up a desired environment for efficient working. You can set the default addresses, paths and various formatting and font/color options

2. Intuitive report wizards

If you are comfortable with point and click operations, go for the 7 intuitive report wizards that are meant for specific purposes. Choose the one that meets your requirements and make the desired changes in the design layout.

3. Sorting, Grouping and summarizing data

Offers flexible sorting and grouping options. Can generate meaningful sort and total reports in minutes. Choose from a wide range of grouping, and summary functions for generating summarized reports.

4. The Expression Editor ? for manipulating reports

If complex math formulae and expressions form the major portion of your report, no problem, the Expression Editor can handle them all. So your reports are no longer just chunks of static data. The robust Expression Editor offers you a wide range of functions and operators to manipulate your report data.

5. Links and relationships

If you are at ease with databases and table joins, look here. Edit the existing relationships among tables and specify the type of join you want. Well-defined table joins let you retrieve data as per your requirement.

6. Emailing reports ? for your geographically dispersed business

Just E-mail your report in any of the available formats. To effectively communicate with your business counterparts, try this option.

7.Charts, graphs and images ? for data analysis

Including charts and images means you no longer have to scroll through long columns to make sense of the data. A graphical view saves time in understanding the parametric relationships and trends in the organization.

8. Data porting ? HTML, CSV among others?

The export option to. html, and .csv formats lends portability to your reports. You can view your reports in MS Excel, any Text Editor or make them available on the Web without trouble.

9. Preview before you print ? for the final look

What you see is what you get on paper. You always have the option of having the complete look and feel of the output.

 Where it can be used?

It can be used in presenting powerful reports that provide vital analysis of information. Integrate FlexiReports in any of the following applications to enhance their charting and reporting power:
Financial Management ; Analysis and Reporting applications ; Customer Relation Management ; Logistics Management Services ; Network Monitoring Tools ; Post and Pre-Sale analysis ; Scheduling Services ; Project Management
Java Development Environment

VisualSoft FlexiReports works well with any JavaBean compliant visual development environment such as:
Borland JBuilder 3.5, 4.0, 5.0 ; Oracle JDeveloper 3.2 ; Sun Forte for Java CE 2.0

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