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Description of RolloverFX:

Easily create cool eye-catching rollover images: simple rollovers that require only one line of code or advanced rollovers with 24 kinds of animated transitions between images similar to Microsoft PowerPoint(TM) slide transitions. Using RolloverFX is very easy and requires no programming experience! Simple rollovers need only one line of HTML code, for more advanced rollovers add HEAD part of generated code once per page, and then add as many animated rollovers as you wish. It could not be simpler. Automatically preload images to prevent delay when swapping them. Display images description in browser status bar when mouse moves over an image. Simple rollovers work in all browsers. Animation effects work in Internet Explorer 4.0 and display simple rollovers in other browsers. All this with the smallest size of code possible! RolloverFX will add impact to your web pages without slowing them down. Check out demo projects and preview them in browser. Make your cool rollovers today!

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