JSequence analyzes java source files to generate sequence diagrams and show some quality aspects of the code.




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Description of JSequence:

With JSequence you can quickly create up-to-date sequence diagrams of java code. There is no longer any need to spend long tedious days and weeks drawing sequence diagrams that will contain errors - because humans err - and that soon will be outdated anyway because the java code has changed.
With JSequence sequence diagrams can always be correct and up-to-date because the program will do most of the work for you.

With JSequence it is also possible to make the quality of java source code visible to managers, project leaders and anyone else interested in getting java source code that can be maintained. This can for example be used toquickly check that a sub-contractor has delivered maintainable code.; as an instrument for improving the quality of java code in a project - set standards for commenting (etc) and measure that they are met!

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