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Depending on pure JS+DHTML, Object-oriented B/S structure forward-platform component library contributes to realization of strong C/S-similar browser




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Welcome to Use JCL Component Library to Develop Your Web Application--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name of Product:JCL(Javascript Component Library)Introduction of Function: Depending on pure JS+DHTML, Object-oriented B/S structure forward-platform component library contributes to realization of strong C/S-similar browser interacting and inquiring, as well as rate of browsing in pages being increased; data can be input in batches; complete database table access and pure web printing are available; and JSP,ASP can be combined well to fulfill web application. Application direction: 1. for developing database application software of B/S structure; 2. for quick inquiring and browsing of Internet database System Description: Based on standard browser script Javascript and with JCL Javascript Component Libraryas core component library, Web-based visible, component, and object-oriented development mode is provided. The system focuses on database Web development, being mutual complementary with current Web development tools, making up deficiency of current Web-end development, changing unreasonable processing distribution and insufficient function of current B/S mode, and easily having performance capability and operability realized which include database access, various kinds of tables, statistics chart, figure, report printing, data controlling, web page display, and so on.Features: 1. Rich capsulated component library which can contribute to rapidly development of software in B/S structure and easily realization of complex Web function such as complete database access, operable tables, figures, statistics charts, and so on.. 2.Computing is distributed on server and Web end whose controllability and performance capability reach interaction capability similar to C/S which can lead to realization of complex data processing in batches, decrease service requests, and reduce flux of network.3. With grain updating capability and data being separated from mode, at the time of data being operated, it's not necessary to re-download web pages or refresh web pages. As a result, the speed of data inquiry display on Internet is increased by several times.4.Service processing and business code are separated from front-end performance code, which is beneficial to software transplant.5.The development mode is that Web end is of component-orientation and object-orientation;6.Standard JavaScript is adopted to conduct object-oriented component development;7. Standard technology such as XML,XSL, CSS, VML, and so on are adopted.8. It can be well integrated with technology such as JSP, ASP, Web Service and so on, additionally it can give a hand for developing complex application on the net.9.Based on XML Interface, front-platform JCL is independent on technology or language used by back-platform service processing, and development interfaces such as JSP, ASP, Web Service, and so on are provided.

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