Javir HybridList package

HybridList package uses unique algorithm to manage large ordered lists with frequent insert/remove/find operations. New feature: one node in multiple




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Platform independent

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Description of Javir HybridList package:

Database is useless without indexes. Business application is inefficient without sorted collections. HybridList package is a handy and efficient solution for managing sorted lists, dictionaries, hash-tables, etc. Main features:- it is very FAST: better than skip-lists or red-black trees or hash tables- each node can be added to unlimited number of ordered lists - data can be linked in simple as well as double-linked list- it is EASY to use: overload compare functions and that's it!- search, insert, delete operations require O (lg n) comparisons in all cases- efficient memory usage : only several bytes for 'Next' object are required

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