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Description of VBIDEUtils Addins + VBCodeDatabase Code Repository:

VBIDEUtils is a great add-in for VB 5.0 and VB 6.0. Withthis add-in, you can do : - Code Repository - Store VB Code, Classes, Projects - Store files - Store HTML pages - Store HTML links - Search through all the database - Store VB Scripts - Java Scripts - Java - Icons - Use bookmarks - Enhanced search - ..... - Indent easily your code, procedure, block, variables - Add comment to your modules and procedures - Find the corresponding ending block instruction - Know all the APIs error name - Clear the debug Window - Change easily the taborder of all your controls - Add customized error handler to your code - Add enhanced error handler to your code with loggin, trace - Show the KeyAscii table to help you coding functions - An assistant to create your messagebox - A Toolbar code generator - Close all the unused windows in the VB IDE - Spy the classname of each windows - An Icon browser - A DBCreator code generator - An ActiveX documentor - Export all code to HTML files (from the VB IDE or the VBCodedatabase) - Import/Export to VCL and DCB files - Export the VB Code from the VB IDE to HTML files - Extract all the strings and translate them directly in the addin for further use of resources String and so internationalize your applications - Change/Modify the tooltips all your controls - Add new procedure/functions/properties easily with parameters, description.... - Get all dependencies of an executable or a VB project - Analyse VB projects - Search all the web in the VB sites directly from the addin - Added a VB project explorer - Profile your VB projects and detect dead code including dead variables, dead procedures... - Add/remove line numbering in your code - Control properties assistant - Accelerator assistant - Generate code to create toolbar at runtime

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