TXTSearcher is a fast, effective and simple-to-use text-searching tool. TXTSearcher performs a quick search for characters, symbols, words and sentenc




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Description of TXTSearcher:

Features: ; Search of characters, symbols, words and sentences in binary, Unicode or text files. ; Search in ZIP archives. ; Autosave of search results. ; Detailed search results. ; Detailed dynamic information for each retrieved file including retrieved references at all combinations (word only and/or match case). ; Advanced ¡°as-you-type¡± search for other text in the active document. ; Add and manage Favorite documents sorted by the search parameters. ; Bookmarks. ; Sort the list of the retrieved files ([a-z], [z-a], none). ; Filter the retrieved files. ; View HTM, HTML, XML and XSL documents by using an integrated browser (see requirements) or in textual mode. ; View DOC, XLS and RTF documents in textual or binary mode. (Note: Microsoft Office 97 or later is required to view DOC and XLS files) ; Open the folder where the active document is located. ; Open the active document with its associated application. ; Customize the document view by changing the font type and font size. ; Limit the size of the scanned files. ; Choose a folder, removable disk, local or network drive(s) as a starting point for the search. ; System information inside the application.

Unregistered (trial) version can be used during 30 days after the completed installation. The unregistered version has some functionality limitations after the trial period expires.

As a registered user, you will receive the following registration benefits: ; Lifetime support by e-mail. Our goal is to reply to a support request within 24 hours from the moment the support request is acknowledged by the support team. ; Downloadable revisions and upgrades (maintenance releases) to TXTSearcher as and when they are published via our website or through the online services. ; Your name and registration number (license code) is displayed on the ¡°About¡± dialog box.

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