SMLogging suite for Delphi/C++Builder

The SMLogger suite allows to log a errors/exceptions, to trace a messages, events etc




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Description of SMLogging suite for Delphi/C++Builder:

The SMLogger suite contains the five components for logging of errors/exceptions, tracing of messages, events etc1. TSMExceptionLog:drop this component and you'll receive the useful processing of errors and exceptions for your application in one place. Your user can automatically send to you a bug reports with screenshot in attachment.You can log the some wished exceptions only with extended filters of exceptions.2. TSMAppLog:you can control your application in one place - message processing, hints, help, idle time, activation/deactivation, minimization/maximization, changing of selected control in any form, form changing, changing of windows settings etc3. TSMDatasetLog:you can trace the work with dataset - scrolling, state changing, value editing etc Also you can activate/deactivate a logging in wished places ofyour application4. TSMFileLog:you can trace the file/directory/drive changing - file creation, changing of size, attributes or time5. TSMNTEventLog:you can control the standard log of NT events.SMLogging is a native VCL engine with multilanguage support.

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