ProKylix - Source code profiler for Kylix

ProKylix is a tool to measure the runtime of a program developped with Kylix. The results are displayed by an integrated viewer.




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Description of ProKylix - Source code profiler for Kylix:

ProKylix is the Kylix version of the first industry approved source code profiler for Delphi (ProDelphi).
It gives you the CPU-timeconsumed by the procedures of your program. The measurement is done ona base of CPU-cycles (smallest measurable duration is one CPU-cycle). Itworks with a Pentium CPU or Pentium compatible CPU like AMD K6/Athlon/Duron.
Measurement results can beviewed with a built in viewer, exported to a data base or stored into anASCII-file. Navigation in the results is done by a comfortable browser.
The built-in history function can compare the runtime of the actual run with the data of a previously stored run.
Results are either displayedin CPU-cycles or in a variable format in micro seconds (minimum 0.001 microseconds), sec, min or hours. Also how often a procedure is called is displayed.
The viewer can also display those procedures which are never called (coverage profiling).
By an online operation window switching of measurement on and off or storingintermediate results is possible. Measurement can be started automaticallyat start of the program, by entering selected functions or by the API.
All results can be recalculatedfor a faster or slower PC. So the runtime measurement can be done on thedevelopment PC and the results for the customer PC can be emulated.
ProKylix integrates itself in the Kylix Tools-menu.
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