PCForm (Visual Application Builder for PocketC)

A complete visual application designer for OrbWorks PocketC




$29.99 (USD)


Win CE/Pocket PC

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Description of PCForm (Visual Application Builder for PocketC):

PCForm is a Visual front end/IDE for OrbWorks PocketC.The application user interface is drawn on the screen using the stylus.Properties for controls can be modified and code entered for control events,the program menus and associated code can be defined and then the PocketC compiler isautomatically called to build the generated application. The application canbe re-opened and modified using PCForm.PCForm supports the following controls:Label, Text box, frame, Command button, Check box, Option button, Combo box,List box, Scroll bars, Timer, Line, Rectangle, Rounded rectangle,Circle, Ellipse, Image, Status bar, Up-down control, Progress bar, Trackbar and Date-time picker control.A detailed help file and example applications are included.Requires PocketC V2.

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