+Macros automate any aspect of developer's work in VFP by using FoxScript procedural macros.




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Description of +Macros:

FoxMasters' +Macros System is a powerful tool for automation developers who work in Visual FoxPro by using FoxScript procedural macros. FoxScript macros automate any aspect of developer's work in Visual FoxPro and dramatically increase developer's productivity.

You customize Visual FoxPro to your own tastes easily and quickly and then create your own macros with using FoxScript language. FoxScript is a FoxPro-like language that supports most of FoxPro features and provides an additional means to manipulate the Visual FoxPro environment.

+Macros includes 20+ standard macros and additional code management utilities such as:
auto-completing FoxPro keywords.; creating FoxPro classes, methods and functions from templates.; comment and uncomment text blocks of any size.; move blocks of code left or right.; adjust comments and assignments to make source code more readable.; much more!
You run any of your own or standard macros quickly and easily with keyboard using hot keys or mouse from the +Macros menu, which extends the main menu of Visual FoxPro.

Free yourself from tedious repetitive and routine operations and make your work in Visual FoxPro easier and much more pleasant!

FoxMasters believes that every serious and professional FoxPro developer deserve to have the best tools in world!

You can find more information about +Macros and download it at http://www.FoxMasters.com/

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