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LazyCoder .NET Components
Windows Forms Controls for Microsoft .NET
From Kuzmin-Labs.Com

LazyCoder .NET Components announced, a suite of controls for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers that provides the look and feel of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Microsoft Windows XP user interface.

You can add the latest user interface features in your applications in a matter of minutes, freeing time to work on other parts of the application. LazyCoder .NET Components is a component built for the Microsoft .NET Framework written in Microsoft C# to take advantage of the Microsoft .NET platform.

LazyCoder .NET Components is the set of controls that provide you with full Windows XP Themes support. This means, that your application, when running on Windows XP, will always have the latest visual styles without you writing a single line of code.

Written entirely in C# LazyCoder .NET Components take full advantage of new .NET architecture and framework and provides easy to use component for you and your end-users. LazyCoder .NET Components includes complete quick customization and much more.

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