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Description of Irie Pascal for Windows:

Irie Pascal is designed for beginners, who want to learn to program inPascal, as well as for experienced programmers, who want to write smallto medium-sized applications (including CGI scripts).Irie Pascal consists of a compiler and an interpreterThe compiler translates Pascal programs intoIrie Virtual Machine executables (IVM executables).IVM executables can be run on any computer platformon which the interpreter exists. Currently theinterpreter exists on five computer platforms: 1) Win32 (i.e. Win95/98/NT) 2) DOS 3) Linux 4) OS/2 5) FreeBSDIrie Pascal's ability to generate executables which run on multipleplatforms make it ideally suited for creating internet applications.The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a simple but powerful protocolfor creating server side internet applications. Irie Pascal assiststhe creation of CGI scripts with built-in support for decoding andparsing URL encoded strings. Irie Pascal also supports the UNIX #! trickthat allows the location of the interpreter to be embedded inside thescript making it easier to execute the script from a URL, since the URLneed only refer to the script and not the interpreter.

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