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Description of Help & Manual:

Help & Manual is a stand-alone and true WYSIWYG help authoring tool that lets you easily create Windows help files (16 + 32 bit) as well as the new Windows 98 help style HTML HELP. Further, it lets you create plain HTML files and prints manuals ready-to-distribute. Help & Manual has everything on board to create A-plus documentation of any kind.

Help & Manual is a help authoring tool that lets you create and edit your online help project and export it to a variety of file formats. It can output your initial help file into Adobe PDF, HTML Help, plain HTML, Winhelp and other file formats.

With its WYSIWYG approach to creating help files and printed manuals, what you see at design time is what you get at run time.

The word-processor-style interface is clear and straight-forward. Designing a table of contents, a keyword index or context sensitive help is not an extra task but fully integrated. You create hyperlinks to other topics with a simple drag and drop and test it in design mode.

Who can use Help & Manual?

Help & Manual is made for help authors, programmers and everybody who wants to easily create structured documentation. Most of our customers are software developers or help authoring professionals.

You should be familar with a word processor but don't need to have experience with the technical process of help file compilation.

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