Delphi Automated Make and Builder

Automated make/build facility to handle multiple dpr, dpk, rc files with common or customized version info, compiler settings, paths for each one. Re



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Description of Delphi Automated Make and Builder:

It's becoming quite common for a single application to have a dozen or more executables, espcially with n-tier architectures needing multiple servers, and sometimes even multiple clients. This program automates the process of building a group of Delphi programs with common version information, common compiler settings, a common path, even common actions to perform before and after each compile or build.Or, also quite useful, you can set up custom version information, compiler settings, paths and actions for each one of your projects.Even more important, the machine you run this builder on does not need to have your custom components or any third party components installed on the palette, though the source for them does have to be available on the path.If you've ever used a batch file to accomplish the above tasks, you will really appreciate how easy this thing is to operate and customize. You can even run this guy from the command line, in batch mode, if you want.

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