A 32bit disassembler for Win 32 PE files and Unix ELF files.




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Description of BDASM:

- BDASM is a PE (Portable Executable) file disassembler for Windows and also supports disassembly of ELF binaries for the i386 processor family.

¿Why another disassembler?

Actually the existing software solutions for reverse engineering binary programs have various disadvantages: many of them are old programs that were never updated and most of these programs are very expensive for independent developers.BSASM is an hybrid that combines the power of the most advanced disassemblers with the easy use of the simpler ones.BDASM is focused on PE programs coded in assembly language using the Intel x86 instruction

¿What BDASM has to offer?

If you are tired of waiting for your files to disassemble or tired of watching how your disassembler refused to load your files because of unusual manipulations, BDASM solves these problems and many more.Using an easy-to-use interface, BDASM brings you the basic functions of a common disasssembler together with the features of the more sophisticated ones to help you simplify your analysis and code documentation, allowing you to save your changes and continue your work at other time.BDASM has many features but most beta-testers review it with two words: fast and simple. To see a complete list of features click here.

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