Advanced Eclipse SWT Designer

Advanced Eclipse SWT Designer is a powerful and easy two-way GUI designer based upon SWT technology. Its very easy to create GUI java-application with




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Description of Advanced Eclipse SWT Designer:

Using WYSIWYG way you dont need to write any line of java code, the code will be generated for you by the designer. You can easily add any control on a composite by using drag-and-drop technology, add an event handler to your control, change various properties of control using property editor and much more. Generated code doesnt require any additional non-SWT library to compile and run: all of the generated code can be used without having the designer installed.
Advanced Eclipse SWT Designer Features List

Implements WYSIWYG GUI editing with native SWT controls by dragging and dropping composites, layouts and controls.; Implemented as two-ways tool - generates directly Java code and enables to change it in graphical editor or directly in source. All changes, made directly in source code, will be displayed in the graphical designer.; Only pure SWT classes are used - zero overhead in runtime. There is no any special library added to project.; Contains handy property editor for easy and intuitive property editing.All changes will be immediatly displayed in the code editor and in the graphical designer.; Displays component tree which makes navigation through components much more easier.; Includes SWT applications, JFace dialogs and viewers creation wizards.; Visual menu design support.; Fully supports all SWT controls and JFace dialogs and viewers.; Fully supports SWT layout managers in the graphical editor. There are three layout managers supported: grid, fill and row.; Seamlessly integrates with your existing Eclipse workspace. Just unpack it and restart Eclipse.; Testing UI on the fly without compiling by clicking one button.; Intuitive interface. Easy to understand and comprehend.; Easy to get started with tutorial and samples provided.

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