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Visible Worlds is open ended portal compiler for 3D game developers.




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Description of Visible Worlds:

Visible Worlds is a programmers tool to help speed up 3D Games and 3D Applications. It does this, by pre-calculating all of the visible objects from every location within a 3D world. The programmer, then uses this visibility information (support code included) too only render 'visible' objects from the cameras view point. Giving your program a huge performance boost.

Since games using Visible Worlds only render the parts of the world a player can see, this allows your artists to create richer and more complex worlds. Allowing your program to run faster and function even better on low spec'd computers.

While Visible Worlds main objective is to speed up the drawing of your world. It also encapsulates various other build in calculations to assist game programmers. Including, Visibility triggers, Automatic Levels Of details and Way Point Maps just to name a few.

For more information please read the included documentation carefully.

Supported Features (V1.34):

Very Fast Compiling; Parent / Child regions; Visible Triggers (user defined); Static + Rotated boxes. ; Solid + Transparent + None Object related (blocking visibility) spatial regions; Pre-calced object L.O.D (levels of Detail); Dynamic Repositioning (object caches); Dynamic Repositioning With Precalced L.O.D(object caches); Visibility Importance Culling; Way Point Map Generation; Terrain Support (height maps); Portal Compression; Compiler Features Inbuilt Preview For Easy Validation.; Package comes with DARK BASIC/DARK BASIC PRO support Libraries.

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