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Text Game Development Studio is a Text Game maker which can support images in rooms, unlimited rooms and much more.




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Description of Text Game Development Studio:

The Text Game Development studio is a newly developing program for you to make your own Text Games for PC. It currently has the following features:


Very simple to use. ; Small Game Sizes. ; Free! ; Images allowed in rooms (optional) ; No coding ; Midi Sounds - Not implemented yet.


All of the above ; Visual Room Editor - See what your rooms will look like, as you make them. ; MP3 Sound - (not implemented yet) ; Editor Extensions - Allows you to add upto 2 of your own features to the engine, calling your application. ; Engine Extensions - Not implemented yet. ; No more annoying box at the end of games.; Free Registered Version Upgrades - Never pay again!

Aswell as all these, Registered users will be more likely to recieve an email response to any problems, questions or suggestions and they get that great feeling that they are helping out the programmer.

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