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PERL script editor with code highlighting and code completion feature,with ability to run scripts both on local computer and on remote server, with




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Tavrida PERL Editor is developed for editing and running PERL scripts. It provides the following features:PERL syntax highlighting (recognizes and selects PERL standard operators and functions, variables, strings,regular expressions, etc.); Code completion feature quickens the input of standard constructions such as PERL operators, algorithmsor HTML elements; Runs scripts on your local computer (to enable this feature you need to have ActivePerl installed). The URL request or the request sent by HTML form can be emulated, ifrequired; Runs scripts on the remote server. The request sent by HTML form can be emulated, if required; Runs scripts directly in the MS-DOS window, if required (data is inputted from keyboard and outputted to screen); The results of execution can be viewed as a plain text and in the HTML format (in the built-in HTML vieweror in the extended browsers); Downloads and publishes scripts on the remote FTP server using Tavrida FTP Client utility. It looksand works very much like standard Open / Save file dialogs and allows to create directories, rename or deletefiles, change permissions and execute commands; Sets default permissions for scripts being published and for directories being created, if required (you donot have to set permissions for scripts and directories manually after you publish or create them); Optionally saves and publishes scripts in UNIX or Windows text format. In UNIX systemslines of text file are separated by new line symbol (ASCII code = 10) and in Windows (MS-DOS) by two symbols:return and new line (ASCII codes = 13, 10). Running scripts in Windows format on the UNIX-operated serverwill cause the internal server error; Print ?text? feature helps to output lines of text using print operators. This can be useful when yououtput the fragment of text developed in the text or HTML editor. The HTML text can be previewed in the built-inHTML viewer; Regular expressions editor automatically generates PERL code using regular expressions, simplifies enteringof patterns and allows to test the code on a text sample; Table editor automatically generates PERL code outputting tables in the HTML format; Scripts, results of execution and error messages can be printed; Up to 1000 current changes can be undone / redone.

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