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Description of SSEditor:

Want a advance language IDE to edit and run PHP/PERL script ? Want see the result within the editor ? Try SSEditor, Just one click, you got it!

SSEditor is a IDE for PHP and PERL, provide user the ability to edit and execute script in the same window. And, It is also a HTML text editor.

SSEditor is very easy to use, You just need enter your script or html, click "GO" or press F9 to execute it! and the result is in your eyes! You can view the result like a web page include text and graphics, or view it with a syntax highlight text edit.

If you installed a web server into your system, SSEditor can work with the server, by setting SSEditor's run mode as "Run as Website", Enter the URL and press F9!

Another way, you can ignore the web server, let SSEditor call PHP/PERL interpreter directly without web server. By setting the run mode as "Run as Commandline", Enter the parameters if it's needed, Then press F9! In this way, you even don't have to save your script to the disk! It's so easily and clearly!

To be a GUI front end of the script engines, You can use SSEditor do many things, not only for web design. For example, I usually use SSEditor and PHP to analyze some text data table etc, Just like in the UNIX system. Write a piece of script and run it, Don't have to compile it, Even don't have to save it!

Be proud of that, SSEditor can navigate between script pages even without web server's support. Because when user click a native link within SSEditor's build-in browser, SSEditor got the URL and translate it to a file reference, then pass the file to script engine to interpret it.

FeaturesMulti-file editing.; Drag file from explorer to SSEditor.; Build-in web browser, View script result in SSEditor window, Don't have to open a web browser out side. of course if you whish, you can launch a web browser out side SSEditor too (Ctrl+F9). ; Syntax highlight editor, support PHP, PERL, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, CSS, and XML file.; Customized context-sensitive syntax help system, press F1, get syntax & function help.; Run PHP/PERL script or HTML page inside/outside editor.; Run PHP/PERL script or HTML page with/without web server support.; Simple file management interface, Manage your files inside SSEditor, don't have to open a explorer window.; Customized tool box, You can configure your useful application tools, documents, or help files inside SSEditor, launch them within SSEditor, co-works with SSEditor.; Multi-Language support, you can customize your own language file easily.

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