SLIm Modeling Environment for UML (Eclipse Plug-In)

Slime UML, the SLIm Modeling Environment, is the first UML modeling plug-in developed from scratch for perfect integration into the Eclipse Software D




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Description of SLIm Modeling Environment for UML (Eclipse Plug-In):

SLIm Modeling Environment is the first UML plug-in implemented from scratch for and perfectly integrating with the Eclipse 2.x (WSAD 5) platform. Slime UML is slim, fast, and powerful.
Slime UML makes it a snap to:Document your Java code.; Reverse-engineer existing source code.; Visualise complex Java libraries, even without source.
Of course you can do upfront modeling with use cases, package and class diagrams, too.
Features are:Full support for use cases, package and class diagrams; Drag&drop of classes and packages from package view; Automatic layout of diagrams with sophisticated algorithm, supports multiple inheritance; Instant diagram update when Java code changes; Adding of .class files from libraries, with or without attaching source codeClass diagram wizard and diagram perspective for quick and easy diagram creation; Thumbnail view of diagram with navigation function for perfect overview; Source Browser for instantly visualising the source code of a selected methodFast zoom using the mouse; Printing of diagrams; Copy&paste between diagrams; Instant text-editing for all text-shapes; A properties view for modifiying properties without modal dialog, even on multiple selections; Integrated helpLight-weight (< 500 KB plugin-size); Lightning-fast, even with more than 300 classes on a diagram; Perfectly integrated with Eclipse
Notice: The current version does not work with Eclipse 1.x (WSAD 4.x)!

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